LBK Fine Art

Lucia Biskupska-Kauraniemi


Lucy the Leo

Artist, Designer, Witch, Tarot Reader, Cello Student, Historical Dressmaker, Quilter, Knitter and all things among the Craft

I have always loved animals and as a child I was constantly drawing them to connect with them and to feel closer to them. To me they are a source of endless inspiration, admiration and love. I cherish every moment spent around them. My art is a tribute to these magnificent creatures. In 2004 I graduated from Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts. I work in multiple mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolour , Inktense, pastel and coloured pencils.

My aesthetics is dark Victorian. I wear Victorian clothing I have made on a daily basis. I think life is too short to wear boring clothes. I greatly appreciate craftsmanship, uniqueness and attention to detail, which is why I prefer to make my own clothes.

I spend my time surrounded by my beloved cats making art and craft, playing the cello, and reading a lot. I love to learn new things and expand my knowledge and skills all the time. Not a surprise having the Sun, Mercury and Mars in my 9th House. Astrologers will understand the reference :)


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